This page of our website was designed to serve as your import industry resource and reference center. Understanding every aspect of your business is crucial to its success. Learn what those Incoterms mean, familiarize yourself with import acronyms, and know where to look for answers and information when you need them.

  • Customs Q&A Center
  • CROSS (Customs Rulings Search)
  • ADD/CVD Search
  • A Guide to Import Acronyms
  • Frequent Invoice Errors
  • Understanding Incoterms
  • Track & Trace Air Cargo
  • Sailing Schedules Center
  • Online Conversion Tool
  • 10+2 ISF Overview
  • Intl Trade Commission DataWeb
  • WorldTrade Interactive Newsletter

The suggestions contained within the below links cannot guarantee that your dealings with the government will be problem-free, but if you follow them, you will at least be ready for those problems should they arise. Being prepared and staying proactive is the key to success when it comes to your imported goods.

  • 10 Tips on dealing with Customs
  • 10 Tips on dealing with the FDA
  • 10 Things you should know about Customs Detentions